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Creative and Writing Workshops

Carlos’ Creative Writing Workshop will provide you with the creative tools that you need to write a story. Some of the topics are Narrative Structures, Literary Genres, Characterization, Writing Habits, How to Publish, etc. 


Since Carlos loves to travel, now his workshops are digital. You will have a live webinar with the author and he will share a lot of techniques, exercises and his very unique feedback that will help you to get the best of your writing. 

He believes in you

Carlos José is a generous writer because he makes others to write too. Sometimes kind but most of the time...

Into finding myself again 

During twenty years I worked promoting the music of hundreds of highly talented Mexican and World...

The best possible guide

Gandhi had his wife. Queen Elizabeth had Prince Philip. Harry Potter had Hermione and Ron. I found Carlos José Pérez...

I want to write a book

In Carlos’ Creative Writing Workshop I learned a lot of things. For example, when he helped me to know how..

To reveal the truth within

I have always believed that words are like chemicals: the right combination of them can build civilizations, knock down...

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