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Into finding myself again

During twenty years I worked promoting the music of hundreds of highly talented Mexican and World Class musicians with Putumayo and Soloist Record Studios. 


I met Carlos when I had a great depression caused by the loss of my professional activity. From 40 to 60 years old, I discovered the huge pain that comes after a crashing fall of that size. I lost my livelihood. As project leader, I stoped providing the economic support to more than forty families and hundreds of people that depended on me. From the musicians and composers who received their royalties, to the cover designers of each album, engineers, producers, arrangers, composers and a large group of creatives, vendors, accountants, etc.

The record industry that used the Compact Disc as a container for music, was invited to disappear thanks to the entrenched practices of illegal copying (piracy) and above all and for obvious reasons, the result of the technological development of streaming.


What I would do now? The answer came thanks to my valuable and restless friend, Ana, a woman that the Universe destined to show me her love and with that, the remedy to my emotional situation. Life goes on! She was the one who gave me as a gift Carlo’s Creative Writing Workshop for Musicians. Or as the creator, the marvelous and creative master, CARLOS JOSE PEREZ SAMANO funnily named it: Music (De)composition Workshop. 


Ana is determined and forced me to take the workshop. WHAT A SURPRISE! I start recovering my creativity. I started to generate new projects. I created a radio program that was in my mind and thanks to Carlos, I could start giving shape to it. “RAICES…STORY TELLING RADIO SHOW” was going to be a radio program to help people to tell their stories to find a better way to live. 


Thanks master Carlos to help me to wake up with your creative WORKSHOP. You showed me the potential that I had to take my life back and rebuild myself with the happiness that I needed to start over again with passion and faith. It was interesting and entertaining to learn with you and to remember the rhythm of music in literature. To all music-lovers that after all these years I still find in my way, I invite you all to give yourself the gift of taking Carlos’ workshop. I assure you that this will be a RENEWING experience. A HEALTH AND SAFE ANTIDEPRESSANT! 


Bernardo Yancelson, 56

México City

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