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I want to write a book

In Carlos’ Creative Writing Workshop I learned a lot of things. 

For example, when he helped me to know how to make sense of a sentence and a plot of any type of text. When I started I didn’t know, nor was I interested in writing a book. Now after having attended the course, I am interested in writing a book. It is very interesting for me to have one of your own authorship and be able to make other readers consider you as a writer and make them live your own story. I would love to share it with my friends. Without a doubt writing my first book would be a great goal and a personal satisfaction that I want to fulfill.


What I liked the most in the workshop was to write the story of a platypus, or when we wrote the experience of setting a washing machine explaining everything in detail it was very nice to see all my colleagues in the workshop who were just companions and now I consider them as good friends and of course I do not forget when my teacher brought to the class, Hemingway, his iguana. I loved seeing her in class. In conclusion, during the course I didn’t have a good time, it was excellent. It was a great experience to be in that workshop. I send greetings to all and thanks for everything you taught me.

Until next time.


Justo Acosta, 12

Metepec, Mexico 

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