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“A man is complete to the extent that he fulfills his dreams”

Carlos José Pérez Sámano


I have always believed that words are like chemicals: the right combination of them can build civilizations, knock down mountains, and change the world. But what is the right combination? Beyond the rules of spelling, are there guidelines on how words should be combined to better convey a story or an idea? From this brief review, to a complete book, all text is a combination of the same 26 letters, is there a limit of combinations? Who, then is the best person to help you with your writing than a writer itself?


A perfect combination, that is how the Creative Writing Workshop designed and taught by Carlos José Pérez Sámano is. Author of books like “Africa Sueño de Sombras Largas" and “Cuentos desde Aquí". Carlos builds this workshop with the intention of pushing the writer we all have inside to come out of the shadow of  ideas like: ”I don’t know how to do this", "I still do not feel inspired", or even worse: "I'm afraid of doing it wrong". Designed for beginners who seek to overcome this barrier, but also suitable for experienced writers who need an intellectual exercise, to help them to refresh and remove the rust of their creative muscle. Carlos’ Workshop is a very useful, but above all friendly platform, to start with jogging with small texts to the exciting race towards your first novel.


The deep value of the workshop is not only in the theory that Carlos teaches, but also in the creation that you can produce within the given conditions. He will tell you: "write a letter from prison, in which you will ask someone to send you a platypus." This is an idea that has no basis in reality, or any kind of coherence, but who needs that at the time of writing? The places where your head arrives are the true destiny of the course. , The more you write, the more you appreciate the freedom that you have within the creative conditions. That is true creativity. That's what you achieve with Carlos' workshop: creative freedom.


During the workshop neither he nor any participant will judge whether you write well or if you do it wrong, but it motivates you to learn how to do it. Creation, like any artistic activity, does not strictly have a defined parameter of right and wrong in terms of substance, but an approach of taste and disgust, which are impressively varied. It is a fact that you will learn theories and concepts, but what you do with them actually goes beyond good and evil.


If you feel that little spark that you have not been able to turn into a bonfire, I recommend you take the Creative Writing Workshop with Carlos. This is not publicity, it is a debt of honor: personally I have taken the course and I can validate that the creative situations in which you are placed are the true learning that you will have in terms of the ideas that you have inside, the unrecognized skills, and the way to land them. Being an online course, there is a considerable comfort factor. Regardless of whether it is a passion or just a hobby, you have to take this workshop to master the words you have inside. To let free the ideas you haven’t delivered yet. Because, that is the true right combination of words: the one that leads you to reveal the truth that remains within ourselves. 


Luis Fernandez, 31

Naucalpan, Mexico

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