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Gandhi had his wife. Queen Elizabeth had Prince Philip. Harry Potter had Hermione and Ron. I found Carlos José Pérez Sámano. Every person needs to have a guide. A mentor to show you the way. In my writing I got to find the best. 


I remember perfectly the first time that Carlos gave me the chance to take his Creative Writing Workshop and how in this he opened my eyes to remember how magic writing can be and at the same time how much I liked it and how writing was my passion. 

That is what being Carlos is about, of being a person that reminds to any who is by his side about passions. But the best part of the whole journey along his side was that we both share a passion: that of writing.


One of the best advice he could give me and I remember exactly was "The stories are a matter of putting yourself on the page, giving it all, playing for keeps, so let’s play the end of your book by flipping a coin. Heads, your character will live. Tails, your character will die. Because, Eva, don't insist in making a story exactly what you want, the story is told by itself through us "There I understood absolutely everything. I just had to let my imagination shout freely because at the end of the day, being a writer is about letting your soul on the page. 


I currently have two books written, two books that I greatly enjoy and two books that Carlos supported motivating me with everything he has achieved as a writer, the way he writes and how he shares it. He makes you want to continue in this world. He let you know that it will be hard work, but it encourages you with his words "You can not be discouraged because your literary genre is not commercial. On the contrary, take it as a challenge for you to write your book on a unique way” Thanks to him I know that I want to continue in this world creating for others a space for freedom, a space for travel, a moment for my readers to forget about themselves and go to places they would never imagine with characters beyond the standard.


I can’t say no more. I couldn't had choose a better literary guide than him.


Eva Monclutch, 22 años

Toluca, Estado de México

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