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The Creative Writing Workshop consists on a series of 5 online and live sessions (webinar) with the author. 


Each online session provides you with real advice from the author's writing experience and lots of exercises that will help you to become a writer. You will explore creative tools that you need to write a story, a poem, a creative essay, a blog entry, or a short tale.


Some of the topics that you will explore are:

  • Narrative Structures,
  • Literary Genres,
  • Characterization,
  • Writing Habits,
  • How to Publish your book, etc.


You will recieve direct feedback from the author for each writing exercise that you will produce. 



This workshop is meant for those who want to start writing, as well as for those who have some writing experience and are looking for advice on how to write better or how to publish their work.


Due to the attention that the author provides to each atendee, the groups are very limited. 


Spring '19 Sessions: 


April 6, 13, 20, 27

May 4


11 AM (ET)


You will recieve a certificate and a password to join our webinar. 


Creative Writing Workshop

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