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Carlos José Pérez Sámano was born in Mexico City in 1985.

In 2007 he published Corazón Fresco.

In 2011 Carlos moved to Tanzania to write 

Africa Sueño de Sombras Largas (2012).

Back in Mexico he published Cuentos desde Aquí­ (2013) and Ella decí­a ser mi esposa (2014). The first, a fractile and nested short story collection that explores place and identity.

The second, a poetry collection about postmodern values. 


In 2016, as a result of his involvement with Writers Resist, in the USA, he was asked to contribute to the anthology, Who Will Speak for America? (2018). His essay contribution considers themes of immigrant identity. He has brought the attention of the media about the struggles of the community to find spaces to share their word

He owns an MFA in Creative Writing and a MA in Publishing. (2019)

Echo is his first novel, exploring contemporary narcissism.

He edited Estamos Unidas Mexicanas the first anthology of Mexican women writers in the US. 


In 2019, Carlos was awarded the Poetry Fellowship at the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing. 


Carlos is the first Penn Museum Artist in Residence. 


He is the Executive Director of the Mexican Global Network, chapter Philadelphia. 

Carlos is currently writing an opera libretto in collaboration with creators from ENOA, through a residency at Opéra Orchestre National de Montpellier and Festival d'Aix en Provence to create an operatic piece based on Alejo Carpentier's Concierto Barroco.

He was awarded by I Belong Philly and Da Vinci Art Alliance as an Every Day Genius

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