Carlos José Pérez Sámano was born in Mexico City in 1985.


He received his bachelor's degree in Communication with a specialty in Entertainment Production from Universidad Iberoamericana. He launched his writing career in 2007 with a book of poetry called Corazón Fresco.

In 2011 Carlos moved to Tanzania to work on development projects. Following his return, he published an account of his travel entitled Africa; Sueño de Sombras Largas (2012). That same year, Carlos began working on developing volunteer programs that focused on immigrant relief and rights and development projects amongst indigenous communities of la Sierra de México. During this time, Carlos also published Cuentos desde Aquí­ (2013) and Ella decí­a ser mi esposa (2014). The first, a compilation of short stories that together form a fractile and nested narrative, explores place and identity through shifting voice and language play. The second, a collection of poetry that addresses postmodern values in relation to the development of the self. 


In 2016, Carlos moved to the United States where he established himself as a grassroots immigrant activist, joining the Writers Resist movement, which focused on writing as an act of resistance in response to the 2016 U.S. presidential election. As a result of his involvement in Writers Resist, he was asked to contribute to the anthology, Who Will Speak for America? (2018). His essay contribution considers themes of Latinx immigrant identity and the power dynamics involved in identity formation. In the same year, he also began to help immigrant children to cope with the fear of losing their parents due to deportation and to address their in-between identity using storytelling as a tool. This work was launched through a series of public events that centered on poetry in the streets and got some local news coverage.


In 2017, he began his studies at Rosemont College, Philadelphia, USA where he received an MFA in Creative Writing and a MA in Publishing in 2019. His work in progress, the project thesis to obtain his MFA, is a novel entitled Echo, which explores contemporary narcissism through a fragmented and polyphonic narrative, and literary adaptation. His capstone project of MA in Publishing was the edition of Estamos Unidas Mexicanas the first anthology of Mexican women writers in the US. 


In 2019, Carlos was awarded the Poetry Fellowship at the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing. 


That same year Carlos began working with the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archeology as a Global Guide to provide narrative bridges between the museum’s objects in their Mexican and Central American gallery and the contemporary experience of persons from the region. He currently serves the museum guests through virtual tours and cultural storytelling and is helping to develop an artist in residence program at the museum to promote decolonizing processes. He leads Between the Lines bookclub


He is the Executive Director of the Mexican Global Network, chapter Philadelphia. 

Carlos is currently working with a team of young opera creators from Enoa and Festival d'Aix en Provence to create an operatic piece based on Alejo Carpentier's "Concierto Barroco" novella. 

His work has been published in multiple literary magazines and anthologies in Mexico, India, Spain, and the US.

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